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Úvod »IPSC» Combo-Shootmax+Case+Power Pack


Combo-Shootmax+Case+Power Pack

Hodinky s timerom


Číslo produktu: 365
Výrobca: DAA
naša cena:
173,90 EUR (Cena s DPH)

Hodinky s timerom od renomovaného výrobcu IPSC doplnkov Double Alpha Academy. V sete sú hodinky, transportné púzdro a dobíjací set vrátane autonabíjačky. 

Demo video o produkte

Enjoy this combo offer of a SHOTMAXX timer, custom storage case and Power Pack. 

The SHOTMAXX Timer by Double-Alpha is a new revolutionary shot timer, for both shooters and range officers. 

It has long since been our goal to make a shot timer light and small enough to enable the user to wear it like a watch. A step in the right direction was achieved in cooperation with CED back in 2006, when we together introduced the CED7000. But, with the technology available then, going smaller was not possible. At least not a price we could pay. 

SHOTMAXX on the rage: 

But as time progressed, technology and microelectronics progressed a long with it. Prices came down and options opened up. And in August 2011 Double-Alpha Academy began the development phase of the SHOTMAXX. It has been a long and hard journey, but we believe we have a product which makes it all worthwhile! 

SHOTMAXX is a shot timer like none that come before it. It is a lightweight and compact sports watch, elegant and low profile, and at just 60 grams (2.1Oz) is certainly light enough to comfortably wear on your wrist while you shoot. No more will you need to look down to your belt, or have your timer bounce around on your belt or around your neck as you RO or practice. Never again will you have to put your shot timer down, only to forget it on the range or lose it. The SHOTMAXX remains securely on your wrist throughout your entire session. 

All other shot timers are sound activated only, and rather simple in their shot detection. They detect a loud noise – and if it passes a certain threshold – they identify it as a shot and show its time. But this kind of simplicity lead to erroneous readings, as other loud sounds can be accidentally picked up, especially when you increase the sensitivity. Claps, shouts or even loud talking can be recorded on the timer. 

That is not the case with the SHOTMAXX. SHOTMAXX runs a sophisticated shot detection algorithm; far more advanced than anything else out there! It analyses the wave form of the sound it heard, decides if it follows a well-recognized form of a shot’s sound pattern. If it does – and the threshold is met (there are 10 levels of digital sensitivity adjustment in the SHOTMAXX) the shot is recorded. So the SHOTMAXX works as a normal sound activated timer – only better and more reliable. Its new high tech internal microphone offers more range than ever before! 

But the SHOTMAXX does more! It is the first shot timer ever to use Accelerometer sensor technology, alone side microphone sensory, to pick up shots. 

When you select to activate the acc (accelerometer/recoil sensor) your SHOTMAXX looks not only for sound but for recoil as well. You will use this feature when you wish to shoot along others on the range – but pick up on your shot time only YOUR shots! 

It works like a charm! Wearing your SHOTMAXX on your strong or support hand wrist, you can shoot with others standing right next to you firing simultaneously – and ONLY your shots are recorded! The timer looks to match the sound of the shot with identified recoil – and when the match is made – a shot is recorded. 

SHOTMAXX’s sensors are so sensitive that we are able to offer the best Airsoft performance ever seen! We were able to record the sound of shots from Airsoft guns fired indoors from a distance of 2-3m behind the shooter. Reliably and consistently! A range far exceeding that of any other timer we have tried. And the recoil sensor in SHOTMAXX works as well for airsoft as it does for real guns! Select “airsoft” from the sensitivity settings – and you are good to go! Be aware though that at this extreme sensitivity (especially if only Mic detection is being used) care must be taken not to bump or tap the SHOTMAXX – as those small sounds will be picked up if the sensitivity is dialed all the way up to Airsoft. 

Great attention was paid during the development stage to create a product which was truly user friendly and perfectly suited to use on the range, for practice, coaching or ROing. SHOTMAXX has a display which offers excellent contrast and visibility even in direct sunlight at mid-day! It includes a handy backlight to illuminate the display when used in low light conditions. Its rechargeable battery will power the watch when used in watch mode for about 3 months, and when used intensely as a timer, it has power enough to offer 24-30 hours of continuous on-range use. The internal rechargeable battery can be fully charge using the supplied Micro USB cable in about 2 hours. You can plug it into your PC, or use any suitable USB car or outlet power supply. 

And SHOTMAXX is the first shot timer even to offer Bluetooth connectivity! This ability will allow us and others to develop new apps to run on smart phones, tablets or PCs allowing you to collect your split times as you shoot them, and use your timer in a more effective way for training or match scoring. Look for more to come in this field in the coming months. 

And of course it goes without saying that SHOTMAXX offers all the basic features you have come to expect from an advanced shot time: 

4 types of Start delay options

Par setting

2 kinds of beep sounds + silent activation

10 levels of digital sensitivity adjustments + a customized Airsoft mode 

Filter to totally eliminate echo’s on indoor ranges. 


In addition, it offers everything you would expect from a digital watch: 

12/24 clock display Date display

Lap capable stopwatch

Programmable alarm

A handy 3min and 5min countdown tool for RO’s wanting to time walkthroughs. 


SHOTMAXX does it all, and more. A truely ground breaking advancement in shot timer technology, proudly presented by Double-Alpha Academy. Patents pending. 

How to use Spy Mode:

- In Timer Mode, press the Set button (9 times) until you reach Spy = OFF. Turn it on by press the up or down buttons to set it to ON. - Press the Mode button to return to Timer Mode (exit settings).

- SHOTMAXX will show SPY - - 

- Press the Start button. The display will show SPYon which means that the Spy Mode has been activated. 

You now have 3 seconds to assume the start position. After 3 seconds SHOTMAXX is ready to start upon a sharp movement of your hand. Once it has been activated, the display will show SPY only. Once you make a sharp movement with your hands (reacting to the RO’s start beep) your shotmaxx will start running and record all shots being fired. 

Recommended settings:

- Beep level: beep level in Spy mode is irrelevant since the timer will not beep on this mode. 

- Sensor: if you are the shooter, set the Sensor to Acc (Accelerometer).

- Sensitivity: If you are the shooter, the recommended sensitivity for a large caliber handguns is between level MIN and 4. If shooting Airsoft, choose Airsoft for sensitivity. 

Box includes:

One SHOTMAXX timer One Micro USB charge/update cable Quick start guide 

SHOTMAXX Quick Start Manual: 

Download - English